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iXchange is a journey of Xchanging our ways for God’s ways, and our plans for God’s plans; this is a journey of following God’s plan for our lives.

This process of Xchanging is personal, public and very powerful. Just like faith, becoming an iXchanger is a choice. You can choose to Xchange the destiny the world says you have for the predestined plan that God has for you!



iXchange is a process that facilitates encounters with God, growth in the Word, and the establishment of God-centered relationships. It is a time of a young person’s life that they dedicate to seeking what the will of the Father is for their life. At iXchange, we are determined to change, to follow God, and to become who God has predestined us to become.

We spend time in the Word receiving impartation from our spiritual leaders, engaging in holy conversations and learning about the significance of being planted in a church. We are deeply rooted in the principles and patterns of His Word, the significance of the music ministry, and how to pray forth the plan that God has for your life, all while having LOTS of fun!




I chose to come to iXchange because I encountered God when I was 17 years old. I had many options to go study or to play sport but God said to me, “Seek Me.” I knew He was referring to Matthew 6:33 where He says, “Seek first My kingdom and all these things (houses, cars, clothes etc.) will be added to you.” That day I made a choice to first seek Him before I go study. iXchange was God ordained for me to find Him and His plan for my life.

As I’ve been Xchanging my ways for His ways, I’ve learned that His plan for my life is not all about me! His plan all along was to plant me in a local church with a spiritual father where I could grow to be a mature son of God, serving others and becoming a problem solver. I’ve discovered that His plan leads to blessing, supernatural increase and a life full of joy and fulfilment.





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iXchange Life Internship – Exchanging our ways for God’s ways. 

“Now, let’s delve deeper into the core elements that make iXchange Life Internship a truly unique and impactful experience.”

  1. Transformative Experience: “Immerse yourself in a transformative experience that goes beyond conventional internships. At iXchange Life, we believe in exchanging our ways for God’s ways, fostering personal growth, and nurturing a deeper connection with spirituality.”

  2. Guidance and Mentorship: “Our program offers mentorship from experienced leaders who exemplify a life lived in alignment with God’s teachings. Receive guidance that extends beyond professional development to encompass spiritual and personal growth.”

  3. Purposeful Living: “Discover the joy of purposeful living as we explore and apply God’s principles to everyday challenges. iXchange Life Internship is a unique opportunity to align your life with divine wisdom and experience the profound impact on your journey.”

  4. Community and Support: “Join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals committed to exchanging worldly ways for a life rooted in faith. Our supportive community provides encouragement and fellowship as you navigate this transformative internship.”