Relationships – Jesus As Your First Love

RELATIONSHIPS – JESUS AS YOUR FIRST LOVE WHAT DOES GOD SAY ABOUT DATING? Welcome to this, rather controversial, blog post; I think this one is going to be fun! Since you are here, I’m sure you are wondering; whether you are indeed with the right person, you’re probably also wondering what God actually thinks about […]

Career – Trusting God Practically

CAREER – TRUSTING GOD PRACTICALLY AM I FOLLOWING THE RIGHT CAREER? Have you just finished school? Are you studying and still trying to figure out what it is that you really want to do? Are you heading down a direction that you’re not sure is the right career path for you? Well, my first question […]

Purpose Living – Following God’s Plan For Your Life

PURPOSE LIVING – FOLLOWING GOD’S PLAN DOES GOD HAVE A PLAN FOR MY LIFE? Hey you. Yes you! Do you know that God has a plan for you? Like, for you, specifically? Do you know that every morning that you wake up, God has already got that day planned out for you? Have you ever […]